Saturday, 15 February 2020

A Couple of Challenges

Finally we have had a couple of fine days, and I was able to pre-shrink some fabric that needed to be done.

For challenge No.1, I have metres and metres of fabric ready to be cut up and, as we usually do, then sew it back together again. This challenge is one for hubby and I need to have all parts finished by the beginning of next month.

At present this is all I can show you, so you will just have to wait for another few weeks - sorry, but hopefully you will like 'the great reveal'!

Challenge No.2 is one I saw on Facebook by Patchwork Therapy in Sunbury Vic., and you were to send $10 and receive a 1/2 metre of fabric in which you were to use a minimum of 50% of it to make anything you wished - bag, wall hanging, quilt, whatever, although it must be smaller than 60" x 60". You can also add any other fabric to this to make up your project, then send your finished item to them by 1 August, and all items will be independently judged for prizes, then if you enclose an envelope with return postage on it, your item will be returned to you.

To be honest I did not give it a great deal of thought, thinking, yes, I can do this!! Had a design picked out and thought how clever I was, and just waited for my fabric piece to arrive. As with all things you plan ahead, I did not received a piece of fabric that would work with the design I had thought of, but that didn't matter, just do a 360 deg. turn and think of something else. I have received this beautiful piece of fabric and have another design in mind - can't wait to get started.

It is now time to sit with my feet up and, surprise, surprise, another project under way. I am making myself a beanie for this coming winter, although the heat and humidity we are having st the moment is not altogether conducive with knitting. However, the fan is on and the air con. is also on - nice and relatively 'cool', so all is good.

'Til next time,


Thursday, 13 February 2020

Teeny, Weeny, Tiny Teddy

As you know I have been clearing out some old papers ready for shredding, well amongst some I came across something that my Dad gave me way back from a friend of his and my mother's. Apparently she used to make these little guys, sadly she has most probably passed on by now, but I thought you might like to have a look at a teddy in a 3/8" box.

This next photo I tried to zoom in so you could actually 'see' the little teddy, and although it is not too bad, I had a bit of trouble and the eyes etc look a bit weird (I think), so how's this for such a little teddy bear?

At present I am trying to get my head around a couple of projects and of course there is time restraints on them, but hey ..... with so much rain around (have had around 500ml over the last 10 days) there really is not much else to do, but sew!!

'Til next time, take care everyone,


Sunday, 9 February 2020

Different Font

Over the many months I have been visiting quite a number of blogs and keeping up with what others have been up too, and I am most taken with the fact that a number of you have different fonts to write your posts and for the life of me, I cannot work out how I would go about changing the font on my own blog - not all that 'tech savvy'. Some help and advice would greatly be appreciated - I just think some of them look really good.

I have finally sorted out a lot of paperwork, including the final lot that belonged to my late parents and I can now legally get rid of, that has been hanging around here for um ...... yes, well I won't go into how many years some of it has been sitting there. It is all in plastic containers awaiting the visit from the shredding company who come with their truck and actually shred your load out the front of the house - not taken off sight.

Another set of my mini quilts is coming along with only one to be completed before I put them together - hopefully will have it done by the end of the month.

For now though, I thank you in advance for your suggestions re: changing the font on here.


Thursday, 30 January 2020

Another Finish for the Month

Yes, just managed to squeeze it in for my finishes for the month of January. I think I mentioned in my previous post that I did do some stitching whilst we were up at Esk for the Australia Day weekend, well what I was working on was the hand-stitching down of the binding on a set for my craft bag (come fishing tackle bag) out of a fat quarter I have had around for yonks and didn't know what to do with it, and it was one that I really liked - it seems so bright and lively, and finally I decided what it was to be used for.

I am really happy with the way it came up, and surprisingly the patchwork design was actually printed on the fabric - how easy is that? I made the mat with a little thread tidy buttoned on it and a new lap cushion to use when I am stitching.

Well now is the time to go through some more of the paperwork I need to throw out, so ......

'Til next time


Monday, 27 January 2020

What a Weekend!

As mentioned in my last post we headed off to Esk approx. 2hrs from home for the Australia Day long weekend.

Oh my goodness, did it rain on the Friday night, thought the van was going to swim away, and on Saturday morning it looked it - there was lots of water under the van (bother, forgot to take a photo) and it was fine. Oh was it fine! It was hot and steamy with humidity up around the 80% mark.

After a lazy breakfast we decided to head up the Esk-Hampton road which is quite windy and head for Crows Nest for morning tea. It was a very sorry sight on the way up the range with all the burnt out areas and trees from the fires earlier in this latest fire season.

It felt so eerie driving up through here, and we saw warning signs for trees that could possibly fall.

Even crossed over the top of the Great Dividing Range on our way to Crows Nest.

However when we arrived in Crows Nest, had a wander around the lovely little township and wouldn't you know it - found a couple of arts & crafts shops. One appeared to be like a co-op for local people to sell their wares, and there were some absolutely beautiful items for sale. The other was a dinky little shop that had some haby supplies as well as other items - I just love these places, you never know what you may pick up, oh course it is always something you desperately need!!

Now all that was very thirsty and hungry work, so it was time to check out the local bakery. We arrived there around 10.45am and goodness me, almost sold out of all the yummy goodies, however we managed to get 2 lovely fresh cream buns - haven't had one of these in ..... don't know how long, and oh my goodness, weren't they just delicious.

Pete & I sat there on the high stools looking out the window having our coffee and giggling away with the jam and cream squishing out the sides of the buns. We were like two kids in a bakery - guess what ...... we were!!

After filling ourselves, we decided to jump in the car and head down to Highfields which is towards Toowoomba. We passed through Cabalah where there is a German Cuckoo Clock place, but as we had called in there on a previous trip, we did not stop. We also passed the Borneo Barracks Golf Club at Cabalah where I (attempted) to learn golf when we lived at Oakey (west of Toowoomba back in the mid 90's. Ah, now there are some memories.

I particularly wanted to check out Highfields as this is where I shall be heading for a Girls Stitch In hosted by The Quilters Angel in March - am quite looking forward to it - and I wanted to just check out where I had to go.

Had lunch at Highfields before we started to head back down the Esk-Hampton road before we got too much rain which was starting to fall again.

Made it back and began to prepare dinner with a karaoke guy doing his thing in the camp kitchen leading up to Australia Day the next day.

Yesterday, Australia Day was a quiet day for us with plenty of time to reflect on our time together - you see it was our 24th wedding anniversary (both been married before) and it was lovely to just sit out under the awning with my lovely bunting dripping wet - but who cares, and doing some stitching whilst it rained. No one, but no one was complaining of the rain, it was just great.

Now I don't want to have you laugh at us, however for dinner last night we had hamburgers, and there is a simple story behind us having hamburgers for dinner. You see, because it was a public holiday, nothing much was open on our wedding night except this little take away shop up at Maleny where we were to stay. So it was hamburgers, and every year since that is what we have for dinner - just a bit of fun I guess, but it's special to us, and of course they are all the more special when Pete makes them too.

After a reasonably leisurely breakfast this morning, it was time to join everyone else (or mostly everyone else it seemed) in the park packing up and heading off. It was almost a traffic jam to get out of the caravan park, but it was a lovely stay albeit short time wise, but certainly most enjoyable.

Time now to get in and begin to put things away and other stuff into the laundry ready for a big washing day tomorrow.

'Til next time, take care ....


Friday, 24 January 2020

Bunting Is Hanging Up

Today we set off on our first trip for this year - just a four day break for the Australia Day weekend and we chose to head around 2 hours from home to a lovely little township called Esk in the Somerset region of the South East Queensland. It has been a stinking hot day with temperatures up around the mid 30's and the humidity reaching 82%. I think we all arrived here just shy of being grease-spots.

However after some lunch and a big slug of iced water, it was time to attempt to put up the bunting. I had not had a 'trial run' at home as it is impossible to get the awning out where we have the van parked. Anyway, with help from my supervisor (hubby) and my co-worker (look for him in the second photo) I managed to use some highly technical ingenuity to attach the bunting to the awning with ...... bull-dog clips - yes you read that correctly. It has worked quite well and with a couple of minor adjustments, I will have a winner.

My Supervisor .....

My Co-worker ......

The guys that run around and do the placement of vans in the park thought the bunting looked so good, he brought his wife (they are the managers) over to see it and she took a video of them and I think (?) she might add it to the caravan park website or facebook page.

Anyway, it is just our first day, so will leave it there for now, go have a shower to cool down and put my feet up and watch the cricket.

'Til next time ....

Monday, 20 January 2020

Some Help Please Ladies

I am in the middle of making some bunting to go around the awning of our caravan and need to have it finished for the Australia Day weekend this coming weekend - I am at a quandary as to how to 'attach' it around the awning, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.