Sunday, 19 January 2020

A Little Challenge

You might remember back in November I posted here about wanting to find some really great needles to stitch with. Well, Fiona from BubzRugz very kindly a couple of Sue Daley milliner needles for me to try. To say these were lovely needles to stitch with is an understatement and I am actively searching for places where I can purchase some. I might just have to contain myself and wait 'til I visit the Australasian Embroidery Convention in Brisbane in February.

However I was delighted with the card that Fiona had put the little tube with the needles in, and I was wondering what I could do to keep the little quilted piece on the front. I decided I may need a new needle-case to 'house' my new tubes of special needles. So ..... I carefully unpicked the quilted piece from the card and set to to create my needle-case. I had no idea how I was going to tackle this and have to admit to having almost completed it and felt that I still was not happy with it. Out came the unpicker - don't you just love unpicking things, and made another start. This time I was very pleased with my effort and hopefully Fiona will like what I have done with her card. All I need to do now is get a couple of the little tubes of needles to put in it.

With sending me the tube of needles, Fiona wrapped it in a small piece of wool felt, which I also used so I can keep my 'working' needle separate from new ones in the tube.

Now to get back to my craft room, set up my cutting table and continue with putting together some bunting ready for Australia Day.

Catch up with you soon, and thank you for visiting my blog.

'Til next time


  1. Brilliant..... you are clever with that great upcycling!

  2. What a fantastic good it will never work 😜